Meat Packages



Chicken Package - $300

12 birds (whole)


Chicken and Eggs - $350

12 birds - 12 weeks of eggs

(To run with Vesta Gardens  CSA)


Poultry Pack - $380

12 chickens

1 turkey

1 duck


Bulk Buys

20 chickens - $450

40 chickens - $800

4 Turkeys     - $225


Pork (all pork includes processing, curing of bacon and han, cut and wrap. APPROX weight listed.)

Whole (120lbs) - $600

Half (60lbs)       - $325

Quarter (30lbs) - $175





Ultimate package 1 -$850

Half of pork

20 chickens                                                               Note: Chickens will be roaster size - 5-6 lbs

2 turkeys                                                                    Broiler Turkeys will run approx +20lbs

1 duck


If purchasing items separate:


Chicken Eggs - $5.00/dozen

Duck Eggs      - $8.00/dozen

Quail Eggs      - $5,00/18 pkg

All our eggs are hand picked, washed and candled for you.


Chickens $4.50/lbs (average $25/whole)

We will only have whole chickens available - no cutting available at this time.

All our chickens are pastured raised on fresh grass in large pens. They are free to run, eat bugs and enjoy dust baths. Butchered at approx 8 weeks.


Ducks $17.00/kg ($7.70/lbs) (average 2kg $30/whole)

Our meat ducks are Pekin and Heritage Appleyard, raised on pasture, butchered at 7 weeks to ensure a young tender duck.


Turkey $3.50/lbs (average 20lbs $70/whole)

Our broiler (white) turkeys are pasture raised, butcherd at about 16-18 weeks to enjoy large plump turkeys for your holiday meals.


Heritage Turkeys $4,00/lbs (average 10lbs/$40whole)

Are a smaller, colourful turkey, that dresses out between 8-12lbs. They have a smaller bone structyure than the white broiler turkeys.  They have more meat to bone ration. Raised on pasture, butcherd with the last batch of turkeys as they take longer to grow.


Embden Goose $12.00/kg ($ - Our geese have a new pasture to enjoy and will be a great addition to your special meals.


Pork - includes butcher, cut and wrap, curing of ham and bacon.  Packages include roasts, chops, ribs, ground, steaks, bacon, ham and hocks.  Heart, liver, kidneys and fat are also available upon request.  Fresh sausage is available as an extra charge (breakfast, Italian, hot).  You will complete cutting instructions at time of butcher.  $5.00/lbs.


Whole uncut pork $2.50/lbs, plus butcher charge ($50).


All processing is done at inspected facilities.






Stay in contact with the farm as through the season, we have pickles, freezer jams

(fresh taste - less sugar), and other goodies available!


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