Welcome everyone!


We are a family-owned and operated farm; we strive to give our members the best quality products possible. There is no use of antibiotics, no artificial growth hormones of any kind, and no artificial feed supplements. Our animals are fed a diet of farm-grown grain, supplemented with being pastured for additional nutrition and benefits of being outdoors in the sunshine!




We specialize in Rainbow chicken eggs, duck eggs, free-ranged pastured broilers, turkeys, ducks and geese.



We also raise forage-bases Tamworth-cross pork, free to roam and dig in our pasture pens! Please remember pork takes 6-7 months to finish, therefore there are sometimes waiting periods for our pork packages.


Moose Wood Acres - Community Shared Agriculture Program (CSA)


Under this program, those who wish to join will pay a deposit prior to the growing season in exchange for us to raise your animals throughout the year. This provides the farm with enough capital to purchase seeds (field planting) and livestock (baby chicks) for spring start up. Our season runs April through December and your product will be tracked to ensure you receive your full amount. This will be our third year of production and we strive to give you quality products with great flavor and nutrient value. Our program is designed for customers to know that they have a farmer who will grow YOUR pigs, chickens and turkeys on a sustainable farm with the utmost care and dedication.